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Yoga and Relaxation
Spring/summer news
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Yoga and Relax

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Valeria Piccioli
Yoga teacher
For many years, my Yoga practice has been my primary approach for self-care. During the difficult times in life Yoga has been my personal sanctuary where I could retreat to for reflection, release and healing. Yoga is much more than only a physical movement routine: it is a system for your personal transformation.  As my practice deepens I can witness myself changing on many levels. It is a beautiful journey and one I feel privileged to share with others.
My particular focus is to empower people in being most authentic selves, to reach for their dreams, to feel fulfilled and awaken to their own inner wisdom.

Agriturismo Cà Monduzzi
Via Vignolese 1130/d - 41059 Zocca (MO) Italy
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